Picking a bad boyfriend out of a pile of trash can be a challenge. Even if it’s just a plastic bag stuffed with food waste, it can be difficult to know if he’s the one for you. To help you figure out if he’s the one for the job, here are 10 questions to ask yourself.

10 ways to tell if a man is an asshole

The first and most obvious way to tell if a guy is an asshole is to observe his behavior around others. You’ll know he’s an asshole if he won’t respect other people. You’ll also have to watch out for his behavior around your family and friends. If you feel uncomfortable about introducing him to your family, chances are he’s an asshole.

A jerk makes decisions for the relationship without consulting you or involving you in the decision-making process. This type of person believes that he knows best and will use his power to get what he wants out of the relationship. In contrast, a good guy will involve you in decision-making and respect your opinions and feelings.

Another sign of an asshole is that he rarely apologizes for his actions. An asshole will always try to avoid responsibility, and will never apologize for his behavior. Moreover, he’ll always have an excuse for anything that goes wrong.


An asshole who makes fun of your flaws isn’t serious about it. He just wants you to believe that he can get away with whatever he wants. He thinks that he can do it because no one will call him out on it.

Men don’t wear warning signs on first dates, but the first impressions they make are a good indicator. It can be anything from the fact that he’s shorter than you expected to see him to be, to wearing white shoes without a handkerchief, or looking nothing like his social media pictures.

10 questions to ask if a man is an asshole

A man who’s an asshole will tell you stories of how he made other girls feel. He’ll tell you about how he swooned or made other girls scream. He will also brag about how good he is at making girls feel. If he’s an asshole, you’ll want to beware of him.

Dating an asshole is one of the worst possible things that can happen to a woman. He doesn’t deserve your time and support. You have to stand up for yourself and call him out on his mistakes. You must not compromise with him until he changes. The worst part about dating an asshole is that you can’t fix the situation on your own. As a woman, you need to know your own limits and know when you have had enough.

10 ways to deal with a cheating boyfriend

If you suspect that your boyfriend is cheating, there are several ways to deal with him. One way to make him feel bad is to take revenge. Some women even put up posters in their neighborhoods to let people know what is going on. While revenge is not a solution to every problem, it can help you get back on your feet and start to feel good again. However, this tactic should be used carefully.


One way to take revenge on a cheating boyfriend is to give him the silent treatment. Many narcissists hate being ignored. They will look adorable if you play the victim. Another way to deal with a cheating boyfriend is to send his stuff back to his parents. You can also mention to his parents that you know that he’s cheating on you.

Another way to deal with a cheating boyfriend is to give yourself time away from him. Although you’re likely to be upset, don’t let yourself get hurt further. While you may be tempted to send angry text messages and make public displays of anger, try to let out your frustration by going for a run, baking a cake, or taking a hot bath. It will help you to feel better and can even help your boyfriend understand why he cheated.

If you suspect your boyfriend of cheating, talk to him about it. While this may be difficult, it can help you heal and move on. You can try to talk to your boyfriend in front of a mirror or a supportive friend. Another alternative is to meet with him alone at home or in a local coffee shop. Then, you can confront him directly. It’s better to face the truth than to continue living in misery.

Whether he has cheated or not, it’s still painful to be betrayed. It can have long-term effects on the relationship. If your boyfriend is constantly thinking about cheating, the relationship may be in trouble. It’s much easier to break up than to hide the truth from your partner.

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